Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Picture Update Post

I know I have been completely negligent in keeping up with my blog....
So I figured a picture post would help catch me up!

In honor of our favorite winter movie Frozen,
Tony pounced on me one morning and smiled his irresistibly cute grin and teased, 
"Do you wanna build a snowman?"
How could I refuse such an offer!?
So we decided to build Olaf!

Uhh.... I don't know how this picture got snowflakes on it. 
Honestly, they just showed up. 
Weird.... but I kind of like it!

 Snow Day!

 This is a picture of Temple Square in Salt Lake City during
The nativity behind us is floating on the water. 
It was my first time seeing this, and it brought back so many beautiful memories
of our wedding day :)
And the lights and displays were completely breath-taking. 

 Disney Princess Tower
Couldn't resist!

 "Ice Skating"
Without Ice Skates

Stunning Moab Landscape
Can you believe all that snow??

 The Dalton Crew

 My sister's puppy, Molly.
She is a terrified mess in the car,
But a total sweetheart otherwise. 

 Our first trip to the beach this year. 
We stayed 5 minutes.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apples, Peaches, Smiles, and Cider

Oh, my! Fall.  I know I raved about autumn in New England last year. But I must have forgotten a little bit, because I feel totally blown away.  The leaves dance in the breeze flaunting shocking reds, flirty pinks, bold oranges.... then the apples, straight from the tree.  Peaches so juicy and sweet, you need at least three napkins to clean up your mess.
Cliche, but I totally love it. 
We went apple-picking at a crazy fun apple orchard close to West Haven.  We indulged in kettle corn, bags of apples and peaches, apple cider, then snuggled on the grass next to a duck pond while watching kids hurl chunks of crumbly bread at the eager beaks of the birds.  We needed that relaxing break from all the pandemonium of this semester.  Halfway done!  WOOT!
I can't believe how quickly, and yet slowly time flies.  I am seeing patients regularly now, and feeling increasingly comfortable in clinic.  Dental hygiene school is very challenging, but rewarding.  I truly love what I am doing, and know that this is my path in life.  I am eagerly anticipating the end of school when Tony and I get to move on to the next chapter in our lives.  We have been so blessed along each step of the journey, and know this home stretch is the part where our dear Savior is carrying us through. Every single day, the knowledge that I am a daughter of God who is special, talented, and loved puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart.
The apple store... Amazing!

If I had a caramel apple
that close to my face, I would be
wearing a different expression:

Another shot of the apple store. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amazing Women Part 1

Being so far away from my family, then spending time with the gang this summer made me realize how unfathomably grateful I am for the women in my family. I have been blessed with women who nurture, demonstrate charity and compassion, and yet still fit the description of a "spit-fire."  These women, these unsung heroes, deserve a special debut to feel the love an appreciation of their hard work and dedication.  And this is only part 1.

First, my sister, Nicole.
Nicole is 10.5 years younger than me, and the vast time canyon makes her life interestingly different than my experiences growing up.  Even now, she lives as an only child with my parents.  Yet, she somehow manages to compile all of the positive traits of her siblings as she develops into a young woman.  She inherently treats people with sweetness, and strives to unearth smiles from grumpy faces.  She's ambitious and willing to learn, searching each and every day to build herself into a better person.  Certainly a spit-fire! I have so much to learn from her.  

Second, my sister-in-law, Jen.
I met Jen 10 years ago and she instantly struck me as a dynamic woman.  I soon came to learn how much of her dynamic worth went unnoticed. She is obviously smart, patient, and an easy fit into our family.  Then I started learning more about her core: the part not so obviously seen.  Jen sees answers to problems before the problem even arises, then takes care of business.  Her brain constantly whirs... always figuring out ways to help those around her.  I have never seen so much Christ-like charity housed in one body.  She loves unconditionally and patiently.  Her devotion to her children moves me to tears, and they flourish under her love and tutelage.  She is a friend to turn to, a shining example, and a inspiring mother and wife.

Third, my beautiful mother, Sue. 
I am so blessed to carry along the name of such an accomplished, compelling, and motivating woman.  She epitomizes every beautiful thing: mother, wife, friend, mentor, inspiration.  She loves fiercely.  This love enables her to protect those she cares about, so let's just go ahead and add protector to her list of many talents.  She taught me loyalty, work ethic, and how to balance a multi-faceted life. She helped me explore and develop my little world, opening my eyes to my limitless potential.  She touches everyone she meets, and spreads the happiness along the way.  Somehow, with all this concentrated sweetness, she knows how to have fun and get a little spicy.  As the "cherry" on top, she taught me to try new things with an open mind.... so you can blame her for Tony and me living in Connecticut!

Last, the woman who started it all, my Grandmother, Barbara. 
Barbara IS the definition of a spit-fire.  Growing up in New Mexico, she dreamed of marrying a Montana cowboy.  When she got a teaching offer in Winston, she packed her bags and became a Montana girl.  She met and married her feisty Montana cowboy, Jack, and raised her family in Townsend.  It's easy to see where my mom gets her fierce love, as no other words can describe the bond between Barbara and her family.  Throughout their family's climbs, spills, and adventures, Barbara gracefully succeeded in every endeavor: mothering, working, teaching, performing, even cooking for the jailhouse inmates (my grandfather was the Sheriff)!  I firmly believe there isn't ANYTHING this woman can't do, and do well. Now, as she is nearing her 90's, she writes historical fiction novels. Her latest, Montana Lawman, celebrates the life she built with her husband in Townsend.  
(She's on the right, if you can't tell :)

I love each of these women dearly, and am so proud of them.  I am blessed to have such shining examples and teachers surrounding me, and I hope to live up to their high standard. Thank you for all you do.  

Saturday, August 10, 2013


If a picture says 1,000 words, lets just pretend I'm saying all those things right now... and show you what our life has been like through pictures!  I can't describe our happiness any better way :)

 Me and Kalaela!  Hanging out with the Staus Family.

On our fabulous 1 year anniversary, my husband surprised with breakfast in bed
Along with a dozen roses
And chocolate!

A surprise from my husband
when he went for a beach stroll

3 angels! SO Sweet.  Blake, Carissa, and Alivia.

Little Lance.  Look at those baby-blues!
Blake is one handsome boy.

 Another handsome man
with baby-blues ;)

One of the stunning cliffs in Moab, UT
along the Negro Bill hike.
Maybe my mind is constantly tuned in to chocolate, but I can't help but 
visualize dripping chocolate from a melty ice cream cone.  Yum!

 Another Moab, UT pic

So happy to be a Dalton girl!

Blake... keep your eye on him...
he is totally prone to getting into trouble!

Carissa can't help but smile in the arms of her Grammy

Summertime in Montana....
Literally perfect. 

Tracy... The Cowgirl!

Do we look exhausted?
Did we just have the time of our lives floating the Smith River?

15 months and still happily married. 
I promise!


Saturday, May 4, 2013


“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” 

Tony and I have been so busy the past few weeks.
And yet, somehow, spring managed to come!
I love wandering around, feeling the warmth radiating
from everything!  The trees, people, the peeking flowers,
the budding grass....
Ahhhhhhhhh :)

Anyway, we have been trying to have some fun sandwiched 
in between studying, projects, and more 
studying.  And clinicals.  
But don't get me started on clinicals. 

Our school sponsored a spring carnival for Cinco de Mayo,
so Tony won a sombrero!
I wouldn't wear it.... 
Only because it looks so much better on him....
Look at that stud!

We also saw the new Iron Man movie.
See?  We splurged!
It happens so rarely, 
we just had to take a picture of it. 

Tony and his best friend!

A random wild turkey in front of our apartment. 

Happy springtime everyone!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Just when we thought things in life couldn't get any crazier....
they DID!
But that's ok.  We just put on our big kid pants and started trucking away!  
Tony got a 4.0 last trimester and is just starting another bout of school (sounds like he's contracted a serious illness.... careful everyone... it's highly contagious.....) He still loves his program and comes home everyday with new stories for me, new ideas, and a general fervor for learning and trying new things.  He is attempting a special project right now, although I can't imagine where he is finding time between school, research, internship hunting, basketball, and keeping up with my ridiculous schedule.  He is such a champ... he is even my patient every Monday for 3 hours!  He (albeit rather grudgingly) lets me poke around in his mouth and pester him for weeks.  I can't believe how lucky I am that he supports me so fully. 
Dental hygiene.... wait.... I don't think I want to open this can of worms!  In summary, classes and clinic are going very well.  The curriculum is challenging, time-consuming, and sometimes tear-inducing.  Luckily, I get to come home to my sweet husband every night and he reminds me everyday why I am going through this.  Then volleyball workouts remind me why most schools don't let dental hygiene students play collegiate sports!  Just one day at a time.....
The sun teases the east coast.  It will shine exuberantly, then laugh at you when an icy winds cuts your bones in half.  But every day is a little warmer :)  We can't wait until summertime. Heck, we would even settle for leafy trees at this point!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Moment Like This

Sorry I have been absent for a while in the blog world. 
After a week of sleepless nights, 
some tears, 
lots of homework,
and exams....
we are all feeling much better now!

We went to a Yale basketball game!  Thanks Court for taking us!
I have never seen a place quite like the Yale gym. 
Very Hogwarts-esque.
High, vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and no air-conditioning.
And so much fun!

And, of course, Valentine's Day :)
Tony was my first ever Valentine.... 
and he will be my Valentine forever!
We exchanged gifts in the morning 
(only because Tony knows how impatient I am about opening presents...)
Then we went to school. ALL. DAY.
Tony picked me up after class with a rose in hand, 
so I knew we were going to have a fun night. 
When we got home, the house was all clean, roses were waiting on the table, along with 
a dinner setting for 2 and lots (and lots) of chocolate.  We ate yummy italian food in our sweats!
Tony made a plaque for me with a very sweet message :)

I gave him a picture book illustrating our second year together
set to the lyrics of Kelly Clarkson's song
"Moment Like This"
so..... practically a wedding album ;)

My husband is just the best.  

Oh and funny poem of the day....

"Roses are red
But sometimes they're thorny
When I'm with you
I get kind of.....
I know what you were thinking.... shame on you!"

Haha <3